Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cycle of the Hero- Beowulf

Call to Adventure:
The call to adventure is when Beowulf goes to Denmark to hopefully fight Grendel the monster that comes at night and eats the men of the country. Beowulf hopes to be the hero and let the country be at peace. He voluntarily set out to kill the monster.
In the story Beowulf doesn't really have any human helpers. He has to kill the monsters by himself. He has all the help he needs inside of him.
Threshold of Adventure:
This would be when Beowulf fights Grendel. He does it bare handed in the mead hall. Grendel comes in and starts killing any one that gets in his way. Beowulf is able to rip off Grendel's arm and when he goes back to where he lives he bleeds to death. This is the monster-battle and Beowulf comes out on top.
Beowulf is given a sword that is mighty and powerful from Unferth.
The triumph is after Grendel is dead and Grendel's mother comes and starts destroying the danish men. Beowulf is then asked to go into the lake and kill Grendel's mother. While in the cave under water he tries to use the sword given to him by Unferth. It doesn't work and he sees a sword on the wall that he knows will kill her. He cuts off her head and brings it back for everyone to see.
Flight Back Home:
Beowulf and his warriors go home to Greatland with many treasures and their hearts full of victory. They are welcomed home and Beowulf becomes king of Greatland for 50 years. He is a great king to his people.
Threshold Struggle:
The threshold struggle is the fight between the dragon and Beowulf. Beowulf must fight one more dragon before his life is over. Some man stole treasure from the dragon and the dragon is very upset. The dragon burns houses and needs to be stopped. With help from a young soldier Wiglaf, Beowulf is able to kill the dragon. During the fight Beowulf was stabbed and dies at the end.
In the end, Beowulf leaves the country to Wiglaf and asks to be burried high on a cliff so many other people can see. The tresurewas burried with him and he has left the great stories and memories of himself.

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